Three rooms are available for use by the public in the library:

Community Room – for large gatherings, for those who plan refreshments, or for those whose hours extend past regular library hours

Friends Study Room and Carnegie Study Room – for small group meetings


Purpose of Rooms

The meeting rooms are provided for use by the library, its programs, library-related organizations and, as time permits, other organizations or individuals for educational, recreational, social and cultural programs. Priority is given to library-sponsored events, and library function must not be impeded. The library reserves the right to refuse use of the facilities or limit the frequency of use by a particular group to ensure fair access to all.  Users of the rooms may not solicit attendance or purchases from members of the public in common areas on library property.

The Library’s Role

The use of the library’s meeting room(s) does not constitute an endorsement of an organization’s policies or beliefs. The library, its Board of Trustees, and its employees do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending a meeting in the library, nor are they responsible for any personal property brought to or left in the building relative to the use of those rooms. Tenants may not use the library’s address or telephone number to receive reservations or to dispense information about their events. Message service during events is not provided by the library staff.


Reserving in Advance

Individuals (age 18 and older) or organizations may reserve space in the Community Room up to six months in advance. Individuals (12 and older) or organizations may reserve space in the Friends and Carnegie rooms up to six months in advance.

Applications are not required for same day requests for the Friends and Carnegie rooms.  All other requests require an application filed with the library.  An application may be mailed, emailed, or faxed for completion.

To reserve a meeting room, contact the library or ask at the circulation desk.



There is no monetary penalty for canceling a reservation; however, repeat cancellations or “no-shows” might affect future reservations. Please call in advance if your meeting is cancelled or the location changed.


Equipment Available

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the library building, including the meeting rooms. Distance learning or remote meetings can be scheduled using webinar technology (audio and video from a remote site) with an LCD projector and a wall-mounted projection screen.

Additional equipment that may be reserved in advance includes a TV/DVD/VCR combo, overhead projector, slide projector, and flip chart stand. Dry erase markers and erasers are available at the circulation desk for use with the white marker boards mounted in each room.


Care of the Premises

Those who use the Community Room, and specifically the person who signs the agreement, are responsible for any set-up of tables and chairs and for returning the room to the standard configuration (see reverse of application/agreement form).

Only a library staff person may open/close the moveable wall in the Community Room.

Any signage or decorations displayed must be removed by the tenant, including tape and its residue. No tape may be applied to painted or wood surfaces. Masking tape may be used on the vinyl wall covering of the Community Room.

Food and drink may be served in the Community Room, but tenants are responsible for cleaning expense and any damage. Damage or inadequate cleaning may result in the individual or organization losing the privilege to use the room.

Lidded beverages are allowed in the Friends or Carnegie rooms, but food is not.  Furniture in the Friends and Carnegie rooms may be moved with permission of the staff.

The entire library premises is smoke free, and no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

The doors to the meeting rooms must remain unlocked when occupied. The library reserves the right to eject persons from meeting rooms if library policies are not followed.



Rental fees are charged when the room is being used for fund raising, sales, or for other transactions that involve an exchange of money for services.

Community Room (entire)
$65 per usage/per day

Community Room (one part)
$33 per usage/per day

Friends or Carnegie Room
$11 per usage/per day

Not-for-profit organizations from outside the county must provide proof of non-profit status with the completed application.

These fees are for the privilege of using the room and include no library staff services for setting up or cleaning.

If soiling or damage by any tenant is determined by the library to require replacement or professional services to correct (e.g. carpet cleaning, broken furniture, etc.), the tenant will be financially responsible for the cost incurred by the library.

All fees are payable before the room is occupied. Fees from in-county users may be paid by check; all others must be paid by cash or money order.