Patron (borrower) Cards

(Jay County except Pennville, Penn Township, and the city of Dunkirk*)
No charge. When registering, please present identification with current address.
*City of Dunkirk residents can use their Dunkirk Library Evergreen cards at the Jay County Public Library.

Resident borrowers have full Evergreen privileges and so may use their cards to check out at other Evergreen libraries and place holds on materials from other Evergreen libraries’ collections.

There is a $2.00 replacement fee for lost library cards.

Reciprocal borrower:
(Pennville/Penn Township Library)
No charge, but must present current card from home library to register.
Reciprocal borrowers have limited privileges and so may use their cards only at Jay County Public Library and will not be able to place holds on materials from other Evergreen libraries’ collections or check out electronic materials from the Indiana Digital Library.

$47 for 12 months
Purchasing a non-resident card gives the holder full Evergreen privileges for that year.

Public Library Access Card (PLAC):
Available to those who hold a current card from a public library in Indiana to secure services in other Indiana public libraries.
Cost of PLAC for holder of resident card: $65
Cost of PLAC for non-resident: $47 + $65

Overdue Fines

All fines are 25¢ per item per day.
Fines are not assessed for Sundays, holidays when the library is closed, or for materials checked out from the bookmobile.
Two outside drops are available for returns; one is for books, the other for audio visual materials.

Replacement Schedule

Replacement cost plus a $10.00 processing fee per item.

Repair Charges

Costs are for methods and supplies being used at the time of repair. (i.e. double tapes are housed in double cases.)

Charges per item:
• Minor exterior cleaning: no charge
• Torn pages: no charge-to-$2.00
• Erasable markings: no charge-to-$2.00
• Non-removable markings: no charge-to-$2.00
• Miscellaneous cleaning: $1.00-to-$2.00
• Missing or damaged pages: $1.00 per page plus cost of Interlibrary Loan, if needed
• Book jacket: $1.00
• Book pocket: $ .50
• Scratched disk: $1.00, if repairable
• DVD case, single: $3.00
• DVD case, double: $3.25
• Music CD case: $3.25
• Book CD case: $2.00
A more detailed listing is available upon request.


Copy Machine:
15¢ per copy for black and white 8.5×11
30¢ per copy for black and white 11×17
30¢ per copy for color 8.5×11
60¢ per copy for color 11×17

Use of printers:
15¢ per page (color or black and white)

Replacement card:

Fax, to send:
$1.00 for first page, 25¢ each additional page to the same fax number
(Faxes to international numbers will be charged twice the regular amount.)

Fax, to receive:
50¢ per page

$1 per item

Certified Mail charges for notices sent in regard to overdue materials, etc.:
Equal to postal service’s charges

Suspended Privileges:
When charges on an account reach $10.00, borrowing privileges for that card will be blocked at all Evergreen Indiana consortium libraries. A Family Hold may be placed to prohibit another family member’s card being used to avoid paying charges on a family member’s account that has been blocked.
A patron is responsible for the timely return of all items borrowed with that patron’s card. Overdue notices, whether by telephone, email or mail, are considered a courtesy only.

updated 10/31/22