Delivery service to library users who are confined to home is available by application, certified by a health care professional, on a permanent or temporary basis. Limited mobility may be an ongoing or temporary condition (such as recovery from surgery). A temporary respite service for family and friends who already provide reading materials may also be arranged.

How to Apply

Program brochures and applications are available at the library, or you may print a brochure and application, or contact the library.
The application needs to be endorsed by a doctor, nurse, minister, social worker or other caregiver who is personally acquainted with the applicant’s circumstances. Return the completed, endorsed application to the library. Normally, your completed application can be processed immediately upon receipt and the first delivery can be made on the next regular delivery day.

How It Works

A library employee delivers books (print, large print, or recorded editions) which have been selected according to the borrower’s preferences. The deliveries are made to the borrower’s home and may be on a 4-week schedule.
Both books and books on CD are available in a variety of genres and subjects, including mystery, romance, westerns, biographies and more. Many books are available in easier-to-read large print.
You may request materials by author, title or subject. Requests may be made by phone, mail, or by a note placed with returned materials. Requested materials will be brought to you on the next regularly scheduled delivery date, subject to availability.

Borrower’s Responsibilities

By accepting delivery of the materials, you are assuming responsibility for them. Good communication with the library staff is essential.