KiPS (Kindergarten Prep School)


What is KiPS?

KiPS is a “jumpstart” into kindergarten program sponsored by the Jay County Public Library. This program will help boost your child’s kindergarten readiness as they start school in the fall. The program will be led by Jay Schools teachers, community volunteers, and JCPL staff. If your child participates in this program, he/she is expected to be at all 7 sessions of KiPS. We understand vacations and illness, but otherwise your child is expected to be present. Please call the library anytime that your child will be absent. If you decide, after returning the registration form, that your child will not attend KiPS, please call the library to let us know.

How much does KiPS cost?

Thanks to funding from The Portland Foundation, Jay Schools, and the Jay County Public Library, this program is free for all incoming Kindergartners who will be attending any Jay County School.

Who can attend KiPS?

Any child in the Jay Schools district that is eligible for kindergarten in 2024-2025 can register. If your child is

repeating kindergarten, this program is not suitable as it is a kindergarten preparation program, not a remediation program.

When is KiPS?

Day: EVERY Wednesday
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Where: Jay County Public Library, 315 N. Ship St., Portland
When: Starts Wednesday, June 5; last day will be Wednesday, July 17

Registration for KiPS

Please fill out the KiPS registration form:

2024 KiPS Registration Form

2024 KiPS Registration Letter

2024 KiPS (Escuela de Preparación de Kindergarten)

It can be turned in at the Jay Schools Administration Office, any elementary school, or the Jay County Public Library before May 11, 2024.

Acceptance in KiPS

Typically all children who register for KiPS are welcome to come. Children with severe special needs may not be able to be accommodated; please call and discuss any concerns you might have with Children’s Services Librarian Shana Neuenschwander before the first day.

How do I get my child to KiPS?

You may bring your child to the library, and our staff will meet your child at the curb and escort them into the building. If no one is available to bring your child to the library, transportation may be provided. Jay Schools may provide bus transportation and will contact you directly to arrange pick up times if you need their service. Please indicate your needs on your child’s registration form. Bus Garage Phone number: 260-726-9605.

You will be mailed an entry packet for your child with first day directions and a map for drop-off near the end of May or early June. Transportation information will come from Jay Schools Transportation Department, usually by telephone, so please be sure your contact information stays current.

For more information please contact:

Shana Neuenschwander / Jay County Public Library 260-726-7890 / Email at


SPECIAL NOTES for parents of KiPS kids:

  • Remember to send the folder back with your child each Wednesday! The items inside are yours to keep, but we’ll add more each week. Don’t send a backpack. We won’t be using them here and they are easily forgotten. Don’t send any toys, food, or drinks from home.
  • Due to the movement in gym, it is very important for your child’s safety that they wear gym shoes, not flip flops or Crocs, please. If gym shoes are a problem, then sandals with straps would work.
  • Children are dropped off at the library’s front door no earlier than 8:50 am. However, at pick up time parents must come into the library building to pick up their children at their assigned area. Park in the main parking lot and come into the building. Check the list as you enter to see where you’ll find your child and wait there until your child is dismissed. Bus riders must be dismissed first so they can safely board without extra traffic.
  • At Drop Off:
    Pull up as far as you can in front to make room for as many cars as possible.
    Drop-off diagram
  • At Pick Up:
    Bus riders are dismissed first. No other children will be dismissed until the buses have gone. Park and come in to pick up your child but PLEASE DON’T PARK IN THE BUS LANE.

Questions or concerns about anything?

Call Shana at 260-726-7890 or send us a message!