Gifts or donations in the form of money or useable items are welcome, although gifts with potential value of $500 or more may require library board action to accept.

If you have questions please use the form at the bottom of this page or call the library at 260-726-7890.

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts may be given ‘in memory’ or ‘in honor’ of another person, as well as directly from the donor.  With ‘in memory’ or ‘in honor’ materials, an acknowledgement will be sent to the honoree or family, if appropriate.

Donors may designate in general terms the use of the funds.  For example, materials, programming, equipment, etc.  If for materials, they may make further suggestions, such as children’s materials, large print books, recorded books, relevant non-fiction topics, or favorite types of reading material of the honoree or decedent.

Donation for Library Materials Form

Public acknowledgement of gifts is made via bookplates placed on the items (when appropriate), an entry in a permanent gift register, and a listing in the library’s newsletter.  Requests for anonymity will be respected.

When making gifts, please provide the name and address of persons to receive an acknowledgement, as well as your own.

Gifts may also be made to the Jay County Public Library Endowment in The Portland Foundation.  Earnings from the endowment’s investments are used for the purchase of furniture and equipment or to underwrite programming activities.  Details on giving are available from The Portland Foundation.

Non-Monetary Gifts

Non-monetary gifts of usable items must meet the same selection requirements imposed upon items purchased with library funds.  Items which do not meet the needs or requirements of the library and cannot be used may be sold, passed on to another library which can use the materials, destroyed, recycled, or returned to the donor (if stipulated in advance).  The library will not set a value on non-monetary gifts for receipt purposes, but will only acknowledge receipt by a general description (if requested).  Public acknowledgement of used materials is generally not made.

The Friends of the Jay County Public Library, Inc., accepts donations for the group’s used book sales; however, certain types of materials are not accepted (encyclopedias more than 10 years old, Reader’s Digest condensed books, and magazines more than 5 years old).  The Friends group does not issue receipts for donated books and other materials.

For more information, contact the library director or send a message below.
Jay County Public Library
315 N. Ship Street
Portland, IN  47371