If you have made it this far and have still kept your New Year’s Resolution you are doing great. If you have already busted it then pick yourself backup, brush yourself off and try again. There have been a couple of times when I’ve resolved to make a big change and then stuck with it for a year or longer but usually I shy away from big resolutions or promises because failing hits me hard. I’m thinking one of my new things will be to read the new book Brave Not Perfect coming in February.

This year I’m keeping it simple both personally and professionally. My motto for 2019 is simply “Try Something New”

New book coming in February.

and that isn’t a one and done goal. So far I’ve tried Tai Chi, new author Amanda Bouchet, who writes fantasy fiction filled with Greek mythology, and a new to me TV show “The Good Doctor”. While I may not have fallen in love with everything, each experience made an impact.

First book in the Kingmaker Chronicles.

So let me challenge you to “Try Something New” this year. If you need help finding something new check out our new book display to find new authors, new hobbies, new information, new movies and new music. The library also offers various  programs designed to help you learn new things, meet new people and enjoy life.