Seems like forever since a school year ended on time, what with snow days and fog days and flooding. But wonder of wonders, the originally scheduled last day was actually the LAST DAY.

Oh boy!
A stretch of days when you can read what you want to read, play what you want to play, nap when you want to nap.

Girl reading outside in the summer.

My fantasy: returning to the days when I read anything I wanted anytime I wanted anywhere I wanted.



Except when you can’t.

Life as a grownup intervenes.


Top five list of things I miss most from summer childhood:

  1. Annual family trek to Cincinnati for a Reds ballgame.
  2. Sweet corn and fresh tomatoes.
  3. A week at the lake where the days were wake-eat-swim-eat-read and repeat.
  4. Not getting up early in the morning.


  1. Reading anything I wanted anytime I wanted anywhere I wanted.

Now #6 is the most likely to materialize in my summer. Still wonderful, but I long for the rest of the list.


It’s no big surprise that when I had kids out of school for the summer, we ended up at the library, becoming experts on the best places to sit (avoid the big west facing windows in the late afternoon, when the reading program started and ended, and how many books we could actually carry on the walk home.  I admit I encouraged large stacks thinking if they got lost in their books, good old Mom might get a chance to get lost in hers.

Any walking errands were likely to include a stop at the library to cool off in the summer heat. Sure, we sometimes stopped in at what my grandma would call “the dime store” or the gift shop across the way, but the library was definitely the best for price. You couldn’t beat free.

Still can’t.

No summers off now, no kids at my house reveling in their summer vacation. But I still think I’ll take the  Summer Challenge, plan for a day in the shade at the park, and decide which book to get lost in.


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