I recently read an article about how readers find the books they read. A large majority get recommendations from friends while others like to browse online sites and book shelves. GoodReads.com is a popular online site that is overflowing with recommendations, book lists and author highlights.

For me, nothing beats a library when it comes to discovering books and authors. You have the chance to pick up stories written by people you never heard of before, and give them a chance just by using your library card. Some books have been duds which makes me thankful for the library’s no-hassle return policy while others have spurred me on to find other books by the author.

There are several authors who I anxiously await their next book, but between those new releases there is a lot of time to browse and try something new. The Wowbrary email newsletter is a great way to discover new books and movies that have been added to the library’s collection each week. To receive a copy all you need to do is sign up with your email address and confirm your subscription online.

If you are looking for that recommendation from a friend, let us be your book buddy and ask one of our librarians for a recommendation of a new book.