…without failing to learn. This is a journey I have undertaken this year and it has not been easy. I don’t know of anyone who starts out anticipating failure. There is a current trend in leadership, business and self-help books telling us to Fail Fast or to Fail More but being willing to fail doesn’t mean you enjoy the process. Taking a risk, trying something new, being willing to not be perfect the first time around. These are not things I excel at but I did make progress this summer at the library, and in doing so I was able to lead 16 other adults into trying something brand new.

Every time I thought about trying paint pouring all I could envision was a mess of paint all over the place. This prevented me from trying it for several months but once I committed to a library program of exploring paint pouring I could no longer avoid it. While my first attempts would probably not be classified as failures, they were not perfect either. I had the paint too thin or I didn’t use enough paint so it didn’t flow over the canvas and instead just sort of dripped. But there was paint, there was pouring, and at the end there was art.

So here’s my hope that by next year I’ll have risked failure at least one more time and will learn new things along the way.