How many different fast changing formats you can find when you’re downsizing at home?

Plenty, at least at my home.

How about yours?


I hate deciding what to do about media when the next great thing comes out when I still have plenty of the old.

The result of my wishy-washy ways when it comes to deciding what to toss?

78 rpm record and vinyl record
A collection of music that includes 78 rpm records from parents (and grandparents!) and stacks of vinyl albums.

Not to mention audio cassettes.

audio cassettes


But we switched to CDs. And it was so cool to have VHS movies to view over and over as we wished.
But then came DVDs.

VHS tape, DVD, audio CD and ipod


Keeping up with the players for all this, gee whiz. Walkman, anyone?
Then iPod, on to a bluetooth speaker.

walkman cd player and earphones and ipod and bluetooth speaker

What do you keep? What do you convert? Where does all this go?


While I’m deciding, I think I’ll experiment with the library’s new digital service, hoopla where I can borrow and download movies and music to a device.

At least I won’t have to figure out where to keep them!