It may be a week that you decide to stay home more.

It may be a week that you plan a vacation away from Jay County.

But for many people, all across the nation, it’s the week they load up the tractors and engines and head to the Jay County Fairgrounds.

My Grandpa was one of those. He would load up his antique gas engines on a flat trailer and haul them down from mid-Michigan. While I never had the chance to attend an Antique Engine & Tractor Show with him I remember watching him putter away at them in his garage.


Antique gas engine

Grandpa might have admired this one.

Get a little taste of the show with the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Association’s promotional video.


Now years later I find myself right here in Portland, Indiana, working at the Jay County Public Library. While the exhibitors, dealers, service organizations and the show directors are working hard to set up for the week, I’m working with volunteers to set up the Friends of the Jay County Library’s Annual Book Sale. Having the book sale during the Gas Engine & Tractor Show has been a long standing tradition and we love to see the people who come back to visit us year after year.


Used book sale

Friends of the Library annual book sale.



This year’s sale will start with a Friends Only Preview Sale on Wednesday night the 24th from 5-7pm. Doors open bright and early to the public on Thursday morning at 8am. The used book sale is a great time to stock up on books for those cold winter months when the weather makes you want to curl up and read all day long.


Grandpa Bill, I’ll always think of you when I see those tractors start rolling into town.