When was the last time you sat down with a group of people, face to face, and just conversed?

toy figures in conversation around the table

Sure, there are Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts, Snap Chat Snaps, Tumbler Topics and Instagram Images along with text language that confounds everyone who grew up reading real words completely spelled out. But with all these methods of media communication, have we lost the art of conversation?

So, again, when was the last time you sat down with a group of people, face to face and just conversed? Conversed, as in forming words and sentences with your mouth, making eye contact, observing body language, asking questions and listening to the answers?  There are days when the conversation with the clerk at the store is longer than the conversation you have at the dinner table.

As a librarian I am a fan of reading and you can learn a lot about anything by reading. But sometimes the ability to talk to someone face to face will make the learning much more personable and allows you to provide input into the topic.

Maybe you love to read books about events or people from the past, but have you ever imagined what it would be like to talk to someone from that time or place? What happens today to the people in your life right now, will be tomorrow’s history.

I encourage you to take time to talk. Talk to your family. Talk to your friends. Talk to your coworkers. Just take the time to enjoy a conversation.