It’s a puzzle how I can find hours of entertainment sitting at a table looking over a thousand little pieces of cardboard filled with colors and shapes all to discover how the fit together. Word and logic puzzles are fun but it doesn’t take long for me to give up and look for a cheat to solve them but give me a well detailed jigsaw puzzle and I can be entertained for at least 2 days.


I don’t have a large table to spread all the pieces out so I creatively use sheet pans, the top box from a case of paper or anything else that gives me a large flat portable surface.

As with any hobby there are some we like and some we don’t so don’t give me some scenic puzzle that is half blue sky, a quarter green trees and the rest gray mountains but more like my most recent accomplishment, “The Fantastic Voyage” by Ravensburger.

If you are also a fan of Jigsaw Puzzles, the library is adding some new ones to their circulating collection so next time you are in take a look at what we have. Puzzles are located at the beginning of the Adult Fiction shelves.




Cindy S

A friend told me she’d wondered if the jigsaw puzzle she had out to work on with her young grandsons was not going to be entertaining for a kid in this age if e-everything. Then she saw one of the kids stop at the puzzle table first thing, spot an piece that had eluded the grown ups and put it in place with appropriate sounds of satisfaction. There you go.


Working on jigsaw puzzles and focusing on the same image for longer periods can actually turn out more like meditations and induce a certain calmness and peace in the mind.


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