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Evergreen FAQ


Catalog and My Account

  • My password is lost/won't work/forgotten and I need to start over. 

Ask at the desk or call the library (you must tell us your library card number) to have us reset your temporary password.

Also, the password you created is case sensitive.  Sometimes checking the Caps Lock on your keyboard solves the problem. 


  • Why won't the program let me renew my item(s)?

    One of the following reasons may be the reason your renewal was not successful:
  1. There are no more renewals left on that item.  DVDs from the New Shelf cannot be renewed. 
  2. Your item may have been due more than the equivalent of the regular borrowing or renewal period.
  3. You may have 15 or more overdue items.
  4. The item may be needed to fulfill a hold and should be returned.  Before you make a special trip in to the library to return it, however, it's worth checking again, either online or by phone.  The hold may have been filled by another library in the meantime, freeing up your copy for renewal.
  5. You owe more than $10.00 in fines and fees. 
  6. Your library card may have expired.  You will need to update your contact information with library staff before continuing.


  • Can I get help with searching the Evergreen catalog?

    When you are at the library you can ask for help from staff members.  Also, you can click "Help" at the top of the catalog screen to learn about searching.

  • How can I see just what is at Jay County Public Library?  How can I see what items are there right now?

There are several places you can choose to search just our library's collection. 

  • The links from our website take you to a screen where our library is selected.
  • If you're on the opening page and you need to change the library to search, or to search "everywhere" in the Evergreen Indiana system, click on the drop down box beside the green Search button.
  • From the Advanced Search page, find "Search Library" to the lower left, above the green Search button.
  • If you only want to see what is actually in the library at the time you are searching, at that same spot, click the check box next to "Limit to Available."


  • Why won't the program let me place this item on hold?

    One of the following reasons may be the reason your hold was not successful:

  1. You have exceeded the number of allowable holds (this is limited to 20 per person at any one time);
  2. The item may be not be holdable (Reference Materials and certain Best Sellers, for example, or items that are designated for our bookmobile collection);
  3. Certain AV items are not holdable by other than local patrons;
  4. The item may be 'age protected' (Holds may not be placed on items less than 6 months old by other than local patrons); or
  5. If you are a 'Reciprocal Borrower' your library card will not allow you to place holds on items owned by libraries other than the one that issued your card.
  6. You may need to resolve another issue with your card (expired card, long overdue items, large fines, etc.).

If none of these describe your situation, please check with the staff at the library for further help.


  • How do I know where I am in line for the book I put on hold?

With our earlier system holds only affected items in our own library.  Now many items placed on hold may come from another location altogether.  It is not always possible to tell where a particular borrower is in line.

Holds are more likely to come to you quickly with so many different libraries to borrow from.

Holds on newly published books are limited to their home libraries for six months to give their own borrowers first chance at checking them out.  New books will also have a shorter loan period so they move a bit faster.


  • What if I know I'm going to be gone and my item hasn't come yet?

You may suspend a hold or cancel it altogether.  Library staff can help you with this, but you can also take care of it yourself when you log in to My Account.

Use your card number (or user name) and password to log in.  Click on "Items on Hold" above your name.

Click the "Edit" button to the right of the item on hold.

In the next screen you have the option to "suspend" the hold, give it an expiration date, or cancel it altogether.  (If the item is already waiting for you at the library, it's too late to cancel through My Account.  You'll need to let us know.)


Jay County Public Library  Portland, Indiana