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Bookmobile School Service 

The bookmobile visits elementary schools in the library's service area, offering students the opportunity to choose books brought from the library's main collection and check them out with their own library cards.  The bookmobile also delivers collections of books for classroom use.  


  Borrower's Card for Bookmobile

Room Collections

  Overdue Policy

FAQ for Teachers & Principals


Borrower's Card

In order to check out books when the bookmobile visits school, a student must have a current library card and be in good standing with the library (no overdue books and no fines due).  

Cards used for the bookmobile are the same ones used at the main library.  If a student has a Jay County Public Library card, it may be brought from home to school for him or her to use.  

Many teachers hold the students' cards in the classroom so they will be ready on bookmobile day.  In this case, the larger card will be kept at school and the smaller "keychain" copy given to the student for use from home.

If a student has never had a Jay County Public Library card, an application may be filled out at the library or through the bookmobile and school.  The application requires the signature of a parent or guardian and a correct mailing address.

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Overdue Policy for Items checked out on Bookmobile school visits

  • The library does not charge daily fines on overdue Bookmobile books checked out at school.
  • Bookmobile books may be returned at the main library as well as on the Bookmobile.
  • In order to renew a Bookmobile book the student must bring it to the Bookmobile with his or her library card.  Bookmobile books are not renewed at the main library.
  • Library staff will attempt to inform parents of overdue items in a timely manner by postcard or letter.
  • At the end of the school year any remaining overdue Bookmobile books are permanently removed from the library's database. At that time, the replacement cost becomes a fine on the student's record. This fine must be paid before a student may have check-out privileges.
  • Information on a student's library card record shows items checked out on the Bookmobile AND at Jay County Public Library.  Only one library card number is issued per person.
  • Students may check out materials for themselves on their card only.  They may NOT use another family member's card or check out materials for their friends.

If you have questions concerning overdue materials from the Bookmobile, please call (260) 726-7890 and ask to speak with the Youth Services Librarian.

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Room Collections

The Bookmobile delivers collections of books to classrooms.  These books are for use by students in that class and are due at the Bookmobile's next visit.  From time to time and with sufficient advance notice, books on a particular subject or by a particular author may be included at the teacher's request.  Some materials in great demand may have limited availability.  Please contact the Youth Services Librarian at (260) 726-7890 with questions or requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers and Principals


May we change the day of the week that the bookmobile comes to our school?

If youíd like to change the day of the week we come to your school, you would need to arrange that in early August. Our staff schedules are set up around who goes out on the bookmobile and on which day they go. We have been known to change days, but it must be done early so we can adjust.


What grades are allowed to come out to the bookmobile?

We would like to see all grades, K - 5, come out to the bookmobile. At schools where there is an afternoon kindergarten, we can come later in the morning and stay through the lunch period until they arrive. Once children are kindergarten age, they can get a library card regardless of whether they come out on the bookmobile or not.


Who can receive a classroom box?

Every classroom teacher is welcome to a classroom box. We attempt to put a variety of books representing several reading levels in each box. For instance, youíll find some picture books, some easy readers, and some short novels in a second grade classroom box.


May I request what items are put into my classroom box?

We can customize your classroom box only if enough advance notice is given. Two weeks is ideal, one week is sufficient. Less than that, and we canít guarantee it. We currently have one staff person to fill the boxes. Others can pitch in, but time doesnít usually allow this luxury.  Call the library to request contact information for the selector.


What should I do about overdue books?

We would certainly appreciate it if you would send home a notice with any child in your classroom who has an overdue bookmobile book. Parents often express their concern that the school didnít let them know. We notify parents after a book is a month overdue; this is the soonest itís feasible for us to do so. If you know a child in your classroom has an overdue book, please do not let them come out to the bookmobile at all. Questions can only be answered at the library.


How do you decide what books to put out on the bookmobile?

Because the bookmobile is so much smaller than the library, we can only put on a representative amount of books. We try to put on the most requested books (often series books) and books we feel all children would enjoy. We attempt to keep books that deal with controversial issues off the bookmobile, since children do not have their parents or another adult with them to guide them in their selection.


What should I do if I or a parent find an objectionable book on the bookmobile?

Please inform the library staff who are present at your school. If the book is encountered at a later date, please inform your school liaison or Youth Services Librarian, Linda Shreve. We encourage parents and others who work with children to read the books the children are reading. If a child chooses material that is not appropriate for him or her for any reason, please return it to us. We donít tell the children what they may or may not check out; that is the parentsí responsibility. But we strive to offer responsible choices and attempt to guide children to books on their level.


Who do I talk to at the library if I encounter a problem?

If the bookmobile is still at your school when you perceive a problem, talk to your school liaison. She is most able to help you at that time. If the bookmobile is already gone, you may call the library and talk with the liaison, or you may talk to Linda Shreve, Youth Services Librarian, who oversees the bookmobile. If neither of these people is available, you are welcome to speak with our director.



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